Blissful Bali – Biodanza World Encounter 2020

Blissful Bali – Biodanza World Encounter 2020

ma 24 februari 15:00 tot za 29 februari 14:00
  • Bali, Ubud, Indonesia
    The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa
    Jalan Penestanan
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Welcome to the World Encounter on Bali
6 Day vivencia – February 24th – 29th, 2020

Be Your Natural Self

Enjoy a beautiful week in Bali. Dancing, relaxing, nurturing and meeting people from all over the world. We can host 250 people and you are welcome in a Balinese hotel in a beautiful setting. See all information below and love to embrace you at the Biodanza World Encounter in Bali!

Loving Embrace, Reinder Schonewille
and a wonderful team